Joel Lloret
Licensed Massage Therapist #MA 86532



 Specializing in Active Release Technique, Structural Integration Massage, and Sports Massage.


 Whether you are looking for pain relief or an athlete striving for a stronger, faster, healthier performance, Joel is committed to working with you to reach your goals.  Clinical Massage Therapy is a powerful tool for increasing your structural and muscular health. Whether treating chronic pain, increased athletic performance, or overall wellness, massage therapy is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. 


Why does muscle pain occur?

The majority of muscular pain (not accounting for nerve or spinal conditions) is caused by overuse and stress on soft tissue. Simply put, an injury occurs which is then healed naturally with scar tissue laid down by your body. On an injury scale it can range from a very minor to a major injury. Examples of these ranges from simply typing too much causing minor soreness to a muscle strain/tear or even a blunt force trauma. 

As the body creates and lays down scar tissue, muscle can still function but is less efficient and less capable of contracting like it once could. Because of this, the muscle is then opened up to re-injury, and more scar tissue being laid down. The tissue injury and healing process, named a cumulative injury cycle, occurring repeatedly is the basis all repetitive soft tissue injuries.

Active Release Technique (ART) is a patented soft tissue movement based massage system, which is applied to release scar tissue and adhesions from the injury process. This treatment can be applied within and between layers of muscles, ligament, tendon, fascia, and nerve tissue. This makes ART a very effective therapy for muscular pain.

Joel has been a certified practitioner‚Äč of ART since 2013. This treatment applies to many different problems including: repetitive use injuries, sports related injuries, sciatica, shoulder pain, low back pain, headaches and many other common issues. It is considered the gold standard of soft tissue treatment.



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